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What Is The Relationship Between The CCA Value Of Lead-acid Batteries And What Is The Specific Relationship?
Aug 09, 2018

The main factors that determine the performance of CCA are the following:

1. The electrolyte density is, of course, the higher the CCA is, and the higher the density, the larger the starting current. However, the density is high, the corrosion of the battery plates is accelerated, and the life is shortened.

2, the number and thickness of the grid, generally the same capacity, the thinner the thickness of the grid, the greater the unit current density of the plate, the greater the starting current. However, the thinner the plate, the corrosion resistance is also worse, so the life will be shorter, so generally can not blindly pursue a multi-piece car battery. It is enough to meet the demand.

3, the design and process of the grid, generally for the shortest path of current, using a radial grid structure. The grid is used in the process.