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Dec 13, 2018


Micro -568


Product Advantage

1. Battery test results include the State of Health %, State of Charge % and actual CCA capacity

2. Battery can be tested either in or out of the vehicle

3. Test on highly discharged battery up to 30 V

4. Protected against polarity reversal


1. Main Fuction: Car battery test (12V 24Vbattery)

2. VRLA/GEL/EFB/AGM/SPIRAL/Water proof battery

3. Test battery type: All automotive cranking lead-acid battery, including ordinary lead acid battery, EFB, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, AGM spiral battery, Gel battery, etc.

4. Test result: SOH,SOC,CCA, IR, Conductance value, starting & Charging System, etc

5. 12-24V starter

6. 12-24V alternator circuit

Language Version

1.Mainland Version:  Chinese Simple, English,Russian,Japanese

2.Europe and America Version: English,French,Spanish,Italian,German

3.Korean Version:  Korean,English


1. Material: ABS body+anti-shock colorful rubber cover

2. Temperature Measure Range: -18°C - +70°C

3. Tolerance: CCA<- +10                       

4. Voltage: - + 0.5%

5. Cable Length: 120cm

6. Test Range:

7. Printing Paper:

    Size: 55*25mm