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If The Car Generator Regulator Breaks, Will It Damage The Auto Battery?
Apr 27, 2018

If the generator regulator is broken and its generating voltage varies with the engine's speed.Of course, the higher the engine speed, the higher the voltage.Too high a voltage will shorten the life of electric appliances in the car.For cars, computers or modules can be deadly.Fortunately, there is the auto battery on the car, which can lower the voltage.In this case, the auto battery will soon die, and there will be a bulge, an electrolyte outflow, and even an explosion.

To test whether the auto battery is damaged, the auto battery discharge tester is needed (we are the professional manufacturer of the auto battery tester).Another way to do this is to replace it with the auto battery and try it out (there's the auto battery, so why not try it in parallel?).You can also use a lift line to connect a good battery to the car battery.Then remove one of the terminals of the original auto battery (preferably remove the negative terminal) and start the engine.