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Automotive Battery Tester Products
Sep 10, 2018

The car battery tester is a car-related product. Many people will ignore our products and think it is just an accessory. In fact, this is not the case, our products play a very important role in practical applications. With the advancement of social science and technology, our products have also made great progress. The batteries used in almost all cars in the world are made of one material, and the biggest feature is the gradual aging with the use of batteries. When the melting point is reduced to 80% of the capacity, it will show a linear downward trend. At this time, although the car's battery can provide a certain amount of energy, it may be scrapped at any time. So at this time, the battery is usually replaced with a new one. When many people judge the condition of the car battery, they choose to discharge, and test the actual capacity of the car battery through discharge to determine the health of the car battery. It is precisely because of the lack of traditional test car battery means, car repair station, Car dealers often return good car batteries as bad car batteries to the manufacturer, which reflects the criticality of our products.