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Automotive Battery Tester
Jul 31, 2018

Battery tester

Battery tester is also called battery internal resistance tester, battery internal resistance analyzer, battery internal resistance inspection instrument, battery internal resistance tester, battery internal resistance detection, which is a fast and accurate measurement of battery health and state of charge and connection resistance parameters. Portable digital storage test instrument. Through on-line testing, the meter can display and record important parameters such as voltage, internal resistance and capacity of single or multiple batteries, accurately and effectively pick out backward batteries, and generate test reports and tracking with computer and special battery data management software. The battery's decay trend and provides maintenance advice. It is applicable to the maintenance inspection of the battery of the communication base station, substation and UPS. Used for battery acceptance, battery matching and routine inspection.

 Therefore, to understand whether the car battery is still good, replace the battery that will be scrapped in advance, can effectively improve the service level and user satisfaction of the enterprise, and detect the battery for the battery manufacturer, automobile production line, automobile maintenance enterprise, battery distribution enterprise and other users. Great convenience in the work.