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A Sudden Drop In Power
Jun 12, 2017

Mobile phones in different working conditions, power consumption is not the same size, for example, in standby and call, the current consumption of two states is nearly 10 times difference. So, if a mobile phone is in the standby call or dial out, once the answer is immediately increase the working power, thus the discharge current increases rapidly, once the battery discharge current increase, larger voltage will produce an instant drop. The mobile phone power indicator circuit is determined by the voltage collected by the battery, and classified according to a certain voltage section. Then, when the voltage suddenly rises and falls, the sampling circuit is prone to a certain deviation. Thereby causing false indications.

1.Battery capacity: the higher the battery capacity, the longer the standby time and the talk time.

2.Battery resistance: internal resistance is too large, easy to cause "power off" or even shutdown.

3.Discharge performance: the better the level stability, the more efficient utilization of the core energy.

4.Protection circuit: make sure the core is in normal working condition.