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Problems Needing Attention In The Use Of Lithium Batteries
Jun 12, 2017

1., in order to prolong the life of lithium batteries, lithium batteries need to be charged and discharged frequently. To cultivate the use of electric vehicles riding 80%, the habit must be charged, can not wait until the electricity out of use before charging. In addition, lithium batteries should not be stored for long periods of time.

2. when charging the battery charging for electric vehicles, must close the electric door lock, and the battery can not be inverted, the charge should be a full, not multiple charging, charging for lithium batteries, the charging indicator shows full power when float 1 ~ 2 hours, should immediately stop charging.

3. lithium batteries use matching charger when charging batteries, because of different raw materials and lithium battery production process, technical requirements of the charger are not the same, so only use a dedicated charger to make lithium battery life longer, and to prevent security risks.

In order to ensure the normal use of lithium battery during use, is very important for lithium battery test, the market for lithium battery manufacturers are also very detection, to choose the regular manufacturers, for lithium battery equipment for testing, the demand for lithium battery, R & D monomer test equipment large increase, because the lithium battery of the specifications of various types, broad application fields, so that the lithium battery core testing equipment requirements are also more and more rich and colorful, a big 5V series of lithium battery testing equipment, the current rise time of 10ms, the charge discharge switch time of 20ms, the accuracy of 0.05%FS, not only can complete the requirements of all experimental battery detection sense, can fully meet the requirements of the software is relatively complex and new energy vehicle performance simulation test for higher hardware.