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The Battery Needs Constant Maintenance In Winter
Jun 12, 2017

In winter, many areas will appear low temperature of 0 DEG C, low temperature on the car there is not a small impact, such as the battery, as the main storage car can provide device, power battery for all electronic systems on the vehicle use, do not pay attention, it is possible that the battery power shortage, resulting in paralysis of the vehicle. Small hope that through the new Sega car class for this platform, so that we can better take care of your car, make the best use of everything, and this small classroom is the protagonist, battery.

First of all, a brief description of the type of battery: general car battery used for lead-acid batteries. There are two types of common lead-acid batteries, one is water filled lead-acid batteries, and the other is maintenance free lead-acid batteries. Maintenance free batteries, because of their own structural advantages, the consumption of electrolyte is very small, basically no need to add distilled water during the service life. It also has shock resistance, high temperature resistance, small volume, small self discharge characteristics of memory, the service life is generally two times the ordinary battery. Therefore, more and more widely used, and then Xiaobian focus on the introduction of maintenance free lead-acid batteries for winter maintenance strategy.

Maintenance free lead-acid batteries need to periodically check the electric eye and maintain adequate power, the maintenance free battery without water hole and battery liquid level scale, we need through the battery on the "electric eye" to judge the state of the battery. Green is the normal electric eye, charging; Black said need to charge the battery needs to be replaced; white said.