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How Do You Judge The Battery Power?
Jun 12, 2017

The battery as the traditional battery applications in various fields are very extensive, the car is more common, mainly for the start of the engine, when using the battery to start the car, can not start that the battery power is low, the need for battery charging, if forced to use a serious loss, need for battery to replace the.

Many people are not very clear about the battery test, so let's see the introduction below:

1., at the normal temperature of the engine, a voltmeter is attached to the positive and negative of the battery, pulling out the fuel injector wire, so that the engine can not start;

2. start the engine continuously for 5~10 seconds, and observe the degree of voltmeter;

3. connected to the starter and the line is good, 12V battery voltage at 9.6V or higher than 9.6V, indicating good technical condition of the battery; if the voltage is lower than the value, it indicates that the battery in the loss of electricity, save electricity shortage.