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Pay Attention To Lithium Batteries
Jun 12, 2017

1. Have you marked the exact capacity?

No clear capacity (such as 1000mAh or 1000 MAH battery), it is likely that the use of inferior battery or battery recycling (secondary battery, Japanese used air to Taiwan after using a new shell; the two battery pack) will do harm to the mobile phone, many cheap batteries on the market is flooded, is the use of battery recycling heart to do, although the price is cheap, but life is short, the quality is not stable, careless use may damage your mobile phone!

2 、 is there a guaranteed standby time?

Standby time, that is, the time after the battery is loaded into the cell phone to the next charge. Generally, commercially available batteries do not guarantee the standby time for customers, because of the unstable quality of batteries. Many inexpensive batteries use poor quality batteries, so the waiting time is very short.

Some vendors simply do not know the actual capacity of lithium batteries, but just dictating, and they have no ability to quality control verification, they wantonly sold in the market. The salesperson cannot guarantee the standby time, which means that the battery can not be guaranteed, not the inferior battery or the recovered battery!

3 、 is the safety protection circuit board installed?

No protection circuit board, then lithium batteries are afraid of deformation, leakage, explosion risk!. In a vicious cut, the search for lower priced protective circuits, or simply omitted the device, has flooded the market with lithium batteries that are explosive enough. Protection circuit consumers can not be identified from the appearance, entirely dependent on the merchant's dictation, and therefore must choose reputable businesses to buy.