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What is the purpose of battery management and testing?
Jun 12, 2017

The battery more and more extensive application field, most people are now using the VRLA battery, the power of such a battery can meet the needs of many people, the battery is used for a long time there are some security risks, is very important for the detection of battery, battery management and so what is the purpose of testing? What technology does the battery maintenance require?

The storage battery of the storage battery factory is a single cell or a single battery. A single cell is a cell with the smallest independent electrochemical voltage unit. Alkaline nickel cadmium batteries of each monomer is 1V, lead-acid battery is a monomer 2V, 3V lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium manganese battery is 3.6V, in many cases, the battery must be combined into a battery of large capacity and high voltage, in order to meet the needs of equipment. Such as gasoline to start the 12V battery, 48V battery group communication base station, 96V batteries used on railway vehicles, 144~288V batteries used for electric cars, are formed by the combination of single battery series.

In the larger capacity of the single battery, the parallel battery is used to produce larger capacity. The polar plates of automotive lead-acid batteries, each of which are 15Ah, are connected in parallel to form a series of batteries with 15Ah as a step. The plate of lithium battery soft similar lead-acid battery pack, 20Ah, can form a series of steps of battery based on 20Ah. Using 18650 2Ah cylindrical battery combinations, a single cell with arbitrarily large capacity can be obtained theoretically in parallel.