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Introduction to battery tester
Jun 12, 2017

Battery tester, mainly used to detect current, voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, battery life cycle, and gives a graph. The battery tester has multiple channels to choose from. You can start a single point, single point control, simultaneous measurements of different types, type of battery (NIMH, NiCd battery, etc.).

Battery tester according to the classification of product shape and the battery battery assembly after the test instrument can be divided into: battery tester, battery tester, mobile phone battery tester, battery tester, mobile DVD battery tester, battery tester, can do comprehensive performance test, this instrument can test lithium ion battery, Ni MH battery, polymer battery, ordinary dry batteries, lead-acid batteries and other types of batteries. All Chinese operations and display, with testing functions, testing speed, high accuracy, automatic testing, accurate display of specific values and so on...... The utility model is widely suitable for the experimental research and the production detection of various batteries.

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