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How can the battery be tested?
Jun 12, 2017

Water is the Source of Life, people everywhere in life is like boiling water, power supply, all electronic products is the source of life, the power of development over the years, there are still loopholes and defects, especially the weather is getting hot, all kinds of car ignition phenomenon has become a topic of concern for this. What was going on?

Battery material system different, have different advantages and disadvantages, one after another battery new material system, a "master The students surpass the teacher." trend, especially the three yuan ban material in electric bus, this system is more and more high voice. The equipment should ensure the supply of external AC power disconnection in design, reduce because the capacitor connected in a circuit in the storage charge due to the risk of electric shock, to test whether it is qualified through inspection equipment and related circuit diagram.

Because after a period of use or with special tools is difficult to distinguish the quality of the battery, so only before buying direct impression from the appearance of the packaging, the purchase should look at the battery is strong and exquisite, the battery shell and the connecting terminal is clean and bright, the seal is good, whether solid solder terminal there is no leakage, cracks, corrosion, deformation, etc., which can reflect the quality of the battery from one side.

The battery capacity is reached the nominal value by charging and discharging experiments, the purchase of new battery after continuous charging more than 8 hours after a certain resistance with resistive load to discharge test, discharge at regular intervals to measure the voltage of the battery according to the record, then the terminal voltage decreased with time ratio chart the battery voltage drop slow.