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Digital Oil Tester Motor Engine Oil Quality Detector
Jan 18, 2019


Why need to Detect the Engine Oil


Detect the pollution level of oil in the car and estimate whether it needs to be replaced. The oil should be replaced based on driving 5000 kilometers presently, but the new and old degree of cars, the drivers' different habits will affect the working life of the engine oil. The product uses the optical principle to detect the oil and to accurately determine the oil contamination situation.


Engine Oil Detector Operation


1. Press the( ) power button for two seconds to turn on the detection device.

2. Press the (S) button on the right to switch to the oil detection state.

3. Pull out the oil level gauge of engine and insert the detector into the hole of gauge.

4. Then pull the trigger button on the handle and wait for 10 seconds and then the test result shows on the LCD screen. If the testing oil is new, the result should be showed 100.0%.

5. ( W ) button is using to reset.

6. Notice:

In the testing process, the probe must be oiled in order to test the accurate parameters. Wait for 10 testing seconds and watch if there is an alarm sound. If there is no alarm sound, the oil can be used. If there is an alarm sound, the oil should be replaced in time.

Pull the trigger button on the handle when the machine turned on and (000.0% or 100.0%) is showed on the LCD screen which is normal.

If the machine can’t be turned on when the battery is installed, you should pay attention whether the battery is reverse.