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Check battery performance and capacity
Jun 12, 2017

1.the appearance of the battery, usually in the engine compartment in the room, some good treatment and outside protective cover, while the outside world will not have a direct impact on it, but if the battery aging, internal overheating phenomenon, and the change will lead to the original smooth surface deformed. If you notice that the shape of the battery has changed, you'll have to replace it.

2.the battery head of pile, the pile head is connected to the battery the battery and the vehicle part, if there is corrosion or bad connection will cause the battery work bad, the owner can check whether there is near the pile head of white powder, which is a sign of corrosion of pile head. Apply some grease or antiseptic on the pile head, but be careful not to smear too much, so as not to influence the use.

3.voltage check, in good condition, the standard battery voltage should be kept between 12.2~12.7v. If the voltage is too low should be charging, charging should be kept small quantity of long time charging, battery capacity and charge discharge are required to use the intelligent battery discharger, simple operation, the owners themselves will be able to complete the basic operation, can be tested by Wu WDCF-X high electrical measurement battery charge discharge tester produced, can complete the battery voltage monitoring and intelligent charging. If the battery is aged, it should be replaced.