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Battery tester standby time
Jun 12, 2017

Standby time refers to the standby time of a battery in the standby state of the mobile phone. The standby time given by the manufacturer is converted according to the amount of power consumed by the mobile phone in the standby state. This is only an experimental data. Standby time is affected by many factors, such as battery capacity, charging effect, mobile phone usage, network signal strength, SIM card used by users, network setting function, etc.. The power consumption of continuous calls is about ten times more than that on standby. As a result, the mobile phone battery's continuous talk time is about 1/10 of the standby time. If there are calls, dial, games and other mobile phone standby operation process, because the operation will consume more power, while the index deviates significantly from the standby time.

How to calculate the charge time of mobile phone?

In general, the size of the battery capacity, specifications are expressed in Ma, the larger the value means that the greater the capacity, for example, 1200mAh means that the battery capacity is 1200 ma. The length of charge is related to the charger. The charger is usually marked with charging current and is also indicated by ma. The charging time is calculated as the battery capacity divided by the charge current of the charger, and then multiplied by the factor 1.2 to get the charging time (in hours). For example, the battery capacity is 1200 Ma, the charger charging current is 600 Ma, (1200 Ma /600 MA) *1.2=2.4 hours, this battery charge time is =2.4 hours.